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Get To Know NWA

Sponsored by Vin Social

We have a bonus episode here for you as we continue to prep for our Season II drops.

Recently I was mentioning my upcoming trip to the beautiful and thriving region that is Northwest Arkansas to some colleagues, and they responded with, “Wait, what the heck is out there?” Which led me and my partners over at Vin Social to say, “Let’s show them!” is a fantastic resource for learning more about the region from a personal and professional perspective, and because of some programming we’re currently developing with organizations out there, making it the force it is, Vin Social will also be a good resource for learning more through their well-crafted experiences.


This post is sponsored by Vin Social, the cultivator of wine lifestyle. Be sure to join them for their Wine 2.0 Launch event on Nov. 29th and inquire about how their process can help you grow your business relationships even more.

It just starts with a ticket! Purchase here.

The Inquisitive Outsider
The Inquisitive Outsider
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