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Lightship Capital

Much needed capital for the underrepresented.

There are not a lot of folks out here doing the work to bring investment opportunities to Startups from underrepresented segments. Good thing Lightship Capital is fighting the good fight. Hurry, their accelerator is currently accepting applications until Nov 11th for their next cohort.

Feeling inspired and looking to start a Company to bring your own ideas to life? Then visit and use our discount codes to get $20 off of incorporation (STARTCLASSICXUR995199) and 1 month free of Mailroom (MAILROOMCLASSICXUR995199). Just copy and paste your business into existence.

Ready to raise from your Community as well as VCs? Then start a Community Round with Wefunder and use our Discount Link to get $2,500 off of your fees when your campaign closes.

The Inquisitive Outsider
The Inquisitive Outsider
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