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Who Needs Inspiration?

All of us.

We’re back, everybody like we never left. I thought I would take a little break after my year of being the best Storyteller for Wefunder the world had ever seen, but alas, I’m still needed. People want to discover even more! And those inquiries have fired us up, so now we want to discover more!

So let’s Discover more! For inspirational purposes only.

Learn more at

Written, Directed, and Edited by

"The OG Outsider - Classic"

Filmed by

Leveler Media

Ending T.I.O Theme Produced by

Troy, No Trojan

Ending T.I.O Theme Mixed and Mastered by

Jeff Zeigler of Uniform Recordings

Locations via Peerspace

Betsu Studio

Hyatt Centric Philadelphia


Gretchen Elise Walker

Yae Stratton

Kahlil Straxkson

Rob Riley

Garry Johnson III

Jack Presby

Taji Nahl

And literally, the Bar Manager at the Hyatt. I should've written his name down. Dammit.

Anywho, I love you all and appreciate you making it to the end of this rather long post. Big hug, big hug, little kiss.

Sidenote, please tell your friends to signup because the more supporters we have, the more we can fund our Research for you because we appreciate you.

Sidenote, the sequel, how many of you had and know what that phone is that I pulled out?


The Inquisitive Outsider
The Inquisitive Outsider
Classic Reinvention